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New! "Robbie Bartlett's Fans Know How to Pick 'Em"
(LEO, May 8, 2002)

"A really fine contribution [to album, Santa is a Bluesman] by one of Louisville's favorite R&B voices, Robbie Bartlett...'I'll be Home for Christmas'...a charmer...I never want to hear this song again, unless Robbie is singing it..."
Fred Grajek, Tuned-Up

"...keep you boogieing well into the night...Robbie Bartlett and Company..."
Ken Neuhauser, The Courier-Journal

"Robbie Bartlett...blends elements of jazz, southern rock, and soul into an entertaining musical mosaic..."
Butchertown Pub, Music Fest

Robbie is the voice that drags this band into her R&B Jazz magic."
Fred Grajek, Tuned-Up

Robbie Bartlett has gotten together a new band...Latin, jazz standards and blues..."
Louisville Music News

"Robbie Bartlett has one of the sexier voices around, a soulful shout with equal amounts gutter and glitter, and she uses it well on much of her debut, 'One Girl's Opinion.'"
Jeffrey Lee Puckett, The Courier-Journal, November 25, 2000

"Robbie BartlettÕs Fans Know How to Pick ÕEm" - review by Marty Rosen from LEO, May 8, 2002

"When a woman sings the blues" - an article by Marty Rosen from LEO

"I've Got a Mind to Ramble" - an article by Keith Clements from Louisville Music News, June 2000